Three reasons cooking your own camp food is the way forward

Here at Outdoor Appetite we're big believers that being outside shouldn't mean you have to compromise on the taste, quality or convenience of your meals. Sure, you may decide to eat differently when on hiking or camping, but we reckon that should be your choice rather than something you need to do due to a lack of options.

One of the best ways to add variety to your camping menu and enable yourself to make healthier camp food choices is to make your own camping food. Here are the top three reasons we reckon making your own camping food is a must-do.

Why make your own camping food?

1. Total control of your camping menu

Say goodbye to having to pick from only the meals you can find on the shelf. You want to tuck into a pea and parmesan risotto after a long day hiking? Well now you can. This one's especially key for anyone who's got allergies or other dietary requirements, where you're already choosing from a smaller range of meal options.

2. Kick out the crap

You pay attention to the ingredients and additives in your food when cooking at home, but that's a lot harder to keep up when you're buying premade camping meals. Making your own camp food allows you to use ingredients you're happy with, while leaving out the nasties. You wouldn't normally add excess salt or sugar to your pasta at home, so why eat it when you're camping?

3. Save some coin

A commercially produced camping meal for one can set you back over $8. If you're backpacking for a week and eating two commercially produced meals a day, that's $112. Let's say making your own meals costs you half that - that leaves you with $56 you could use to pick up a new hat for your trip or a copy of National Parks Monopoly to play when you get home.

So what are you waiting for? Start planning your meals for your next camping trip today. Check out our camping recipes to get you started.

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