Jetboil MiniMo review

The Jetboil MiniMo is the newest addition to the Jetboil range. The MiniMo, as with earlier Jetboil models, has really been designed with backpackers in mind. This is a lightweight stove that's quick to assemble and does what it's designed to do (boil water, cook meals) really well. 

Our Jetboil MiniMo review video includes a run through on how to setup the MiniMo and a demo of it boiling water.

What's the difference between the MiniMo and other Jetboils?

Jetboil makes a range of backpacking stoves. All boil water in just a few minutes, are powered by isobutane gas canisters and are easy to set up and clean (tick, tick, tick). Which suits you will depend on your budget, your group size and whether you want to be able to control your stove's temperature.

What's new with the MiniMo

Two main things -

Simmer control - If you've ever used a gas stove at home, you get the idea of this one. The MiniMo features a dial that you turn to control the flow of gas, enabling you to adjust its temperature.

If you just want a stove to boil water in, this mightn't be a must-have for you. But if you also want the option of cooking a meal that requires simmering, like risotto or a chilli, the simmer control feature is real handy.

Wider and shorter pot - Compared to the Flash, the MiniMo's pot is shorter and wider. This is another good feature for camp cooks, as it's now easier to stir your dinner and eat straight from the pot. Anything to save on washing up, right?

This graphic from Jetboil on Twitter provides a nice explanation of the difference between the different Jetboil models too.

Would we recommend the Jetboil MiniMo?

We took the Jetboil MiniMo on a 17 day backpacking trip along Australia's Larapinta Trail to really test it out. We loved it! Our favourite things about the MiniMo were how easy it was to use and how quickly it boiled water. Making another cup of tea never felt too hard when you knew boiling water was only a couple of minutes away.

Two things we'd like to see improved with future Jetboils though -

  1. We found MiniMo struggled in windy conditions. We used it on a ridge one night and the flame blew out several times. To get around this you could cook in more sheltered locations, or position something by it as a wind shield.
  2. When in cold conditions, immediately after we finished cooking we sometimes found the MiniMo pot hard to remove from the base. It loosened up after a minute or so. 

In summary - if you're after a lightweight backpacking stove to use for cooking meals and boiling water, the Jetboil MiniMo is a great choice and we'd definitely recommend it.

We rate the Jetboil MiniMo 4.5/5.

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