Acacia Flats campsite

The Acacia Flats campsite is by the lush Blue Gum Forest, in the Grose Valley.

Acacia Flats is a walk-in campsite with no vehicle access, so it's perfect for active folks after a more remote backpacking experience. In addition to carrying in your gear, you'll need to be prepared for a good hike - there's several routes to Acacia Flats but all involve steep walks down into the valley from the cliffs above. It's well worth the effort though - you'll be rewarded with some of the most spectacular views in the Blue Mountains, plus you can have a dip in the Grose River if you fancy.

Quick guide to camping at Acacia Flats

Bookings and cost: Acacia Flats is a free campsite and bookings aren't required

Getting there: There are several bushwalking tracks to Acacia Flats campground. Park at the trailheads of any of the below and hike in. 

  • Perrys Lookdown to Blue Gum Forest track - 2.15km with 656m decent (hard grade). Very steep but well marked and easy to follow track. See WildWalks for detailed hike instructions.
  • Pierces Pass to Blue Gum Forest track - 7.6km with 548m decent (hard grade). WildWalks has great track notes for this hike.
  • Victoria Falls to Blue Gum Forest - 12.1km with 624m decent (hard grade). Track is hard to follow and not always sign posted. We pulled out our topo map on more than one occasion. See WildWalks for detailed hike info on getting to the Blue Gum Forest. Once you get to the Blue Gum Forest, walk through it and follow the sign to Acacia Flats.
  • From Lockley Pylon - 5.9km with 588m decent (hard grade). Check out WildWalks detailed track notes.
  • From Blackheath Station via Govetts Leap and Junction Rock - 10.6km with 687m decent (hard track). See WildWalks for detailed hike info - reverse the track notes to go from Blackheath Station down to Acacia Flats.

You could hike in and out the same way, or if you're able to car pool, you could take one path in and another out. WildWalks suggests Lockley Pylon to Blackheath Station as a two day hike, with overnight camping at Acacia Flats. 

Facilities: Toilets only. You can drink the water from the Grose River, but should boil or sterilise it first

Cooking: Campfires aren't allowed so bring a camp stove

Public transport: Blackheath is the nearest train station and major town. It's 12km west down the highway from Katoomba. 

Mobile phone service: None. But who needs a phone when camping anyway?

Best nearby pie: Bakehouse on Wentworth (105 Wentworth St, Blackheath) do a mean pumpkin and lentil pie.

Take a look around

For more info and to check for any campsite closures, visit the NSW National Parks website. All distances given are approximate.

We last visited Acacia Flats campsite on 13 June 2016.