Six Foot Track

The Six Foot Track is widely regarded as one of the best multi-day bushwalks in the greater Sydney / Blue Mountains area. For 44km (27 miles) the track winds from Katoomba deep through the World Heritage-listed Blue Mountains National Park and into the beautiful Megalong Valley, before heading up to the Jenolan Caves. The route was originally a bridle path build in 1884 to allow tourists to visit the Caves.

The Six Foot Track can be done as a series of day walks or as a multi-day hike. For those keen to do the whole track in one go, it's traditionally hiked over 3 days, with bushwalkers camping at Coxs River Campsite and Black Range Campsite on route. Some hikers do it over 2 days though, with Allum Creek Campsite located close to the halfway point. 

Quick guide to hiking the Six Foot Track

Difficulty: A multi-day hike with several steep ascents and decents.

Bookings and cost: The Six Foot Track is free and bookings / registrations aren't required for the hike or the campsites along it 

Getting there: The Track travels between the Explorers Tree in Katoomba and the Jenolan Caves. If you've got two cars, you could leave one at each end. Otherwise, Blue Mountains Trolley Tours operate a daily shuttle from Katoomba to the Caves and back. It's $45 for a one way ticket (correct June 16) and can be booked online in advance. The shuttle leaves Katoomba at 10.30am, getting to the Caves for approximately 12.30pm. It returns from the Jenolan Caves at 3.30pm, getting to Katoomba for approximately 5.30pm.

If you're walking from Katoomba, the track starts at the Explorers Tree. There's parking at the Explorers Tree, or you can take a train to Katoomba and walk 2.6km (1.6 miles) down the Great Western Highway to it. If you're walking from the Jenolan Caves, there is a car park there. 

Track markings: The Six Foot Track is well marked. We carried a GPS and detailed track notes. We only used the track notes. The Six Foot Track guidebook is great for those who want detailed notes along with a history of the area.

Facilities: Toilets are located at Old Ford Reserve, Black Range and Coxs River campsite.

Cooking: Campfires aren't allowed so bring a camp stove

Mobile phone service: Limited. But who needs a phone when hiking anyway?

Best nearby pie: Bakehouse on Wentworth (208 Leura Mall, Leura) do a mean pumpkin and lentil pie.

From Katoomba to Jenolan Caves or the reverse?

The Six Foot Track is traditionally hiked west from the Explorer's Tree at Katoomba, ending at the Jenolan Caves. It can be hiked in the reverse direction though. Which is right for you will in part depend on your logistics and if you want to visit the Caves at either end of your trip.

Both directions feature steep climbs in some sections, so one direction isn't necessarily easier than the other.

Katoomba to the Jenolan caves (3 days)

Explorers Tree to Coxs River Campsite - 15.7km - 650m decent

Coxs River Campsite to Black Range Campsite - 19km - 1310m ascent/400m decent

Black Range Campsite to Jenolan Caves - 10km - 400m decent

Jenolan Caves to Katoomba (3 days)

Jenolan Caves to Black Range Campsite - 10km - 400m ascent

Black Range Campsite to Coxs River Campsite - 19km - 400m ascent/1310m decent

Coxs River Campsite to Explorers Tree - 15.7km - 650m ascent

Take a look around

For more info and to check for any track or campsite closures, visit the NSW National Parks website. All distances given are approximate.

We last hiked the Six Foot Track from 23 - 25 April 2016.