Larapinta Trail map pack

The Northern Territory Government produces an official Larapinta Trail map pack. The information pack includes:

  • Maps of the 12 sections of the Larapinta Trail on waterproof, tear resistant paper
  • A poster sized, folded map of the entire Larapinta Trail
  • A postcard

The Larapinta Trail map pack is worth ordering before you lock down your trip itinerary. The section maps contain descriptions of the terrain you’ll encounter along each section of the trail, in addition to estimated walk times and details of campsites. We found this information really helpful for trip planning. 

The Larapinta Trail map pack can be ordered from the Northern Territory Government by phone, email or post. Get more info and download the order form from the Northern Territory Government website.  

Larapinta Trail section maps

The Larapinta Trail section maps that are included in the official Larapinta Trail information pack are 1:50 000 topographic maps. The maps cover each section of the Larapinta Trail, including details of access roads and notes on campsite facilities.

The maps are focused on the Larapinta Trail - nearby peaks and other landmarks that you may typically use for navigation may not be featured.

If you plan on walking off track or on trails other than the Larapinta Trail, we’d recommend you also purchase a 1:25 000 map of the area you’re going to. The Larapinta Trail is well marked – however if you did end up lost off track, we would recommend not relying on navigating with a compass and the included Section Maps alone as, in our opinion, there is not always enough detail of the surrounding area on them to accurately locate yourself. An emergency communication device is a must-carry item in this area of Australia, due to the remoteness and lack of mobile phone coverage on the Larapinta Trail