Larapinta Trail mobile phone reception

The Larapinta Trail is located in Central Australia, in the remote West Macdonnell Ranges. Mobile phone signal is very limited and should not be relied upon.

Mobile reception is generally restricted to ridge tops and other high points, or parts of section 1, when you’re still close to Alice Springs. Your mobile coverage along the Larapinta Trail will be dependent on who your service provider is, the mobile phone model you’ve got and other external factors, like the weather.

Here’s where we had phone signal on the Larapinta Trail, broken out by network:

Telstra reception

In regional Australia, the Telstra network is generally considered to have the most wide-reaching coverage. These are the locations we had coverage with Telstra.

  • Telegraph Station and the start of Section 1
  • Euro Pass – Section 1
  • Simpsons Gap (via a satellite dish you can pop your phone into to boost its signal) – border Section 1 & 2
  • Brinkley Bluff – Section 4
  • Count’s Lookout – Section 7
  • Lookout – Section 9
  • Hilltop Lookout – Section 11
  • Summit of Mount Sonder – Section 12

This list is applicable to phones using Telstra, or a reseller of the Telstra network, such as Boost Mobile or ALDImobile.

Optus reception

We had reception with Optus at:

  • Telegraph Station and the start of Section 1
  • Euro Pass – Section 1
  • Brinkley Bluff – Section 4

The above is applicable to phones using Optus, or resellers of the Optus network, such as amaysim, Vaya or Virgin Mobile.

Vodafone reception

We have not tested Vodafone’s coverage along the Larapinta Trail. If you have details of if / where Vodafone has coverage, hit us up in the comments below. We’d suggest trying out the locations above, but not relying on them.

Emergency communication

In our view, carrying an emergency form of communication – such as a satellite phone or a PLB – is a must on the Larapinta Trail, due to its remoteness and limited phone reception.